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Mint address

Please send your ADA to below mint address after reading the minting instructions! 




The mint price is 25 ADA per Cursebird. You can mint up to 5 CurseBirds per transaction.

  • 1 CurseBirds CNFT = 25 ADA

  • 2 CurseBirds CNFTs = 50 ADA

  • 3 CurseBirds CNFTs = 75 ADA

  • 4 CurseBirds CNFTs = 100 ADA

  • 5 CurseBirds CNFTs = 125 ADA

How to mint?

You need to send the exact amount in ada (see above pricelist) to the mint address (See above mint addresS).

the corresponding number of CurseBirds cNFTs will automatically be sent to the wallet that sent the ADA.

The amount will be returned (minus TX fees) if:

  • there are no more CurseBirds cNFTs available. 

  • the sent amount does not meet the above pricelisT.

Cardano wallet


Please note CurseBirds is a CNFT project.


You need to send the ada via a non-exchange Cardano wallet! We can only send the cnft(s) to a non-exchange Cardano wallet like Daedalus, Yoroi or Nami.


DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE WALLET! You cannot use an exchange wallet like binance, kraken or coinbase. 

What else?


  • The Mint address is only published on this website. We will never send you the mint address via a DM.

  • CurseBirds are more than just a .jpeg. Please do check out our tokenomics, roadmap and whitepaper!

  • Total S1 supply is 2,000. The first 1,000 S1.1 CurseBirds have been sold out.

  • There are 1,000 S1.2 CurseBirds available.

Policy ID s1.1: 4b7f5a90b4a3cddbd81320d86e7b51bbe104afef91186ae3f7d6cf90

Policy ID S1.2: 7de10b2af23610dbcdb2209cd4d40d1bdd992e7258baa423aaf11dc1

Thank you!


We want thank every CurseBirds supporter from the bottom of our hearts!


It has been a great ride so far and we cannot wait to see the future unfold.


We cannot do this without you guys! Let's be on this adventure together. Join us on Discord or Twitter.

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